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Sonic Waves crystal blue

Edition: Sonic Waves
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Sonic Waves crystal blue

Examine the cloth pulled taut over a loudspeaker and you’ll know exactly why this membrane is so important to the music. Whether it’s a pulsating bass or a gentle melody, loudspeakers use materials that are made to last and allow amplification in ultimate quality. Inspired by the vibrant and vibrating detail of loudspeaker materials, our new model, SONIC WAVES, is all about versatility.

This Floorwear® is permeable to water and hand-woven from dirt-repellent polypropylene, so it’s ideal if you’re serious about strength and style. By the pool, at the dining table or at a kids’ birthday party. In fact, SONIC WAVES can cope with any kind of party. To blend in with the scenery, it also comes in eight selected colour combinations – speaking kymo style, loud and clear.


total weightapprox. 3700 g / m²
acoustic behaviorsound absorbing
electrostatic behaviorantistatic
capability to restoresuitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.
floor heatingsuitable for floor heating