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LINE UP marble

Edition: LINE UP
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LINE UP marble

Nordic flair offering the ideal balance between reserved modernity and outgoing cosiness – that’s LINE UP, especially in a lounge area. Thick, soft strands of wool, tightly packed to convey comfort and lend a gentle and elastic step underfoot. The thin cotton yarn comes in cool, contrasting colours to add a modern touch to a room, complete with discreet patterns and subtle contrasts.

Lining up the pattern underscores the thinking behind the name of this, the latest product in the Nordic range. It also builds a bridge to music, always a big theme for kymo. LINE UP. The perfect addition to your living room.

total weightapprox. 3550 g / m²
acoustic behaviorsound absorbing
electrostatic behaviorantistatic
capability to restoresuitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.
floor heatingsuitable for floor heating