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Stereo Total brown & navy

Edition: Stereo Total
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Stereo Total brown & navy

Space, or spatial dimension, is one of the many semantic roots of the word stereo, which is derived from Greek. By itself, these days it’s mainly used to refer to sound, a way of describing the depth of audio in a room coming from two or more acoustic sources.

Interesting, yes. But what’s that got to do with a carpet? More than you’d think, especially when you take a closer look at kymo’s STEREO TOTAL. Its ingenious weaving patterns seem to jump out at you from the underlying surface, like a multidimensional statement. You see it and you feel it. An interplay between two colours. The floor beneath as an expression of an all-round stereo experience.

And while we’re on the topic of music, we also chose the name as a lateral reference to the congenial, multilingual, multifaceted duo from Berlin: Stereo Total...

total weightapprox. 2400 g / m²
acoustic behaviorsound absorbing
electrostatic behaviorantistatic
capability to restoresuitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.
floor heatingsuitable for floor heating