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Melting Point k19

Edition: Melting Point
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Melting Point k19

Colossal heat and glistening light. The fire blazes with its tremendous power. The metal begins to flow once it has reached melting point, pouring slowly and steadily into form. In sublime tranquillity, the liquid metal hardens into its new shape, to finally solidify in the water with a loud hiss. A unique and precious synthesis of nature's art.

With the same grace as liquid precious metals, MELTING POINT puts on a reflective lightshow of pure elegance. The hand-woven fibres merge into a mirror-like surface as if cast in a single mould, creating a velvety-soft feel and endless shine without compare.

The exquisite pile material, banana silk, is a high-gloss fibre made from renewable recourses. It comes in the colour variants Au79 (gold), Ag47 (silver), Cu29 (copper), Li3 (lithium), Pb82 (lead) and K19 (potassium), and makes this shining piece a truly brilliant treasure for your floor.

pile heightapprox. 8 mm
total weightapprox. 6100 g / m²
acoustic behaviorsound absorbing
electrostatic behaviorantistatic
floor heatingsuitable for floor heating
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