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Sequence midnight

Edition: Sequence
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Sequence midnight

Bauhaus – still fresh and modern after 100 years! Of course we couldn’t let an important anniversary pass us by, as this eye-catching design by Katharina Tannous probably shows – matter-of-factly and with clarity. SEQUENCE. Technical touches then close the circle of inspiration in a reference to music, which also has something to do with the name. In music, sequences can be about repetition or variation. In this carpet, it’s about small adaptations to the grain of the pattern using two quite different materials – wool and viscose. Despite this, as you’d expect, the colours are just one tone within another. The only contrast is between the matt and sheen, delivered by the pattern itself.

In keeping with this theme, SEQUENCE comes in eight colours, closely based on the working materials of interior design and visual art, such as concrete, alabaster, brick, rosewood, sand...

pile heightapprox. 6 mm
total weightapprox. 3800 g / m²
acoustic behaviorsound absorbing
electrostatic behaviorantistatic
floor heatingsuitable for floor heating